Passport theme is a clean and modern WordPress theme for magazines and blogs. It comes with responsive design, well flexible organized, and easily customized. Passport comes with many templates, such as large image template, medium image template, and masonry template. Custom post formats and widgets are supported.


  1. Three sample themes supported
  2. Flexible themes customization. You can change the sample themes to any design you want.
  3. Full and fix width layout.
  4. Theme Customizer. 
    1. Layout
    2. Color
    3. Menu configuration
    4. 404 Page
    5. Social media
    6. General Configuration, such as Sticky post.
  5. Four menu locations and one dropdown menu
  6. Eight Post Formats
    1. Standard
    2. Aside
    3. Link
    4. Quote
    5. Image
    6. Gallery
    7. Audio
    8. Video
  7. 22 Widget holders and 17 theme widgets
    1. Parallax widget
    2. Slider widget
    3. Carousel slider widget
    4. Box widget
    5. Image widget
    6. Accordion widget
    7. Column widget
    8. Tab widget and so on.
  8. Three templates supported
    1. Large image template
    2. Medium image template
    3. Masonry image template
  9. Additional post features, such as Program schedule, Progress, Dropcap, and Typing effect.
  10. Two plugins included. Email subscriber and Regenerate thumbnail.
  11. Child theme supported
  12. Bootstrap Supported
  13. Fontawesome supported

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